Partners and Testimonials

The private Jacobs University has decided to focus its activities on five global challenges: ‘Energy and Materials’ is one. Thus, it is only natural that the renowned Bremen Energy Institute, is situated on the campus. Already in 2004 a part-time Executive MBA in European Utility Management was successfully launched by Jacobs University. Research co-operation links the university to quite a number of well-known companies in the oil and gas industry as well as in renewable energy production.

There is currently no other residential university in Germany with such a broad range of science programmes. Jacobs University has excellent students from more than 90 nations enrolled in Bachelor, Master and integrated PhD programmes. Jacobs offers:

  •  an excellent faculty experienced in transdisciplinary and intercultural teaching
  • state-of-the-art laboratory and research facilities
  • the willingness and ability to develop modern learning media and concepts.

The executive education programme Basin and Petroleum System Dynamics is the result of close co-operation and interaction between the faculty active in international hydrocarbon and petroleum geosciences and industry. Accordingly, the faculty is drawn from both sides.

We are especially grateful to GFZ Potsdam for its support to the programme. Likewise, the co-operation with The Schlumberger Center of Excellence for Petroleum Systems Modeling will enable participants to work with the most complete and technically advanced software for petroleum system’s modelling,PetroMod®.

“After over 10 years of working experience within various Schlumberger segments, I thought it was time to take my career to the next level by acquiring a MSc degree. A number of criteria needed to be met, including out of the box, challenging and innovative knowledge taught by highly competent professionals. The environment surrounding that degree was also of great importance. The quest led me to the BPSD program at Jacobs University.
For being out of school so long, it was a surprisingly joyful journey!
And the impact that this program had on me was phenomenal. Within months after graduating, I won the world recognized “Henri Doll Award of Innovation” for developing a new complex exploration technique. Just this year, I added the “Conrad Schlumberger Prize of Technical Depth” on my pioneer work tackling various exploration and production issues. I experience how the gained knowledge benefits me in many aspects.
I cherish my BPSD experience and look forward to the day I return back to Bremen.”



Aimen Amer
Exploration Project Manager/Schlumberger
Executive MSc in BPSD/ Class of 2012


“The 18 month BPSD program was one of the best experiences of my life, both personally and professionally. We had leading experts from all around the world give us in-depth knowledge from each of their areas of expertise. We had an excellent mixture of practical and theoretical work. The participants were a diverse community from continents all around the world. As a result of this Executive MSc., I have brought new ideas to my company that have helped me grow professionally.”   

Andres Estrada
Senior Geophysicist/ Schlumberger
Executive MSc in BPSD/ Class of 2012