Jacobs University now offers executive education tailor-made to the specific demands of the oil and gas industry. We intend to introduce participants to a new dimension in the understanding, quantification and modelling of geo-processes. The Program in Basin and Petroleum System Dynamics will cover the interface between newest geoscientific insights and numerical simulation. The main focus of the programme lies on understanding and modelling of the interactions of complex geo-processes ranging from sedimentary basin evolution to petroleum system modeling as well as providing skills for successful risk management strategies and geodata management. Thus, we aim to provide participants with a new, comprehensive and unique education which should enhance their performance as explorationists or production engineers. The expert training caters to the needs of highly skilled, numerate and enquiring professionals dealing with a variety of geoscience challenges.

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Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to involve themselves directly in sedimentary basin and petroleum system analysis from a petroleum exploration point of view upon completion of the Masters programme. They will be capable of handling relevant data and software in an adequate way and be up to date with the latest knowledge on sedimentary basin evolution. They will have acquired specialist skills in petroleum characterisation. Participants gain expertise in the integration of individual dynamic geologic processes: the basis for an understanding of exploration risks.

After the programme the candidates will have acquired:

  • State-of-the-art knowledge of the fundamental controls on sedimentary basin evolution;
  • Specialist skills in petroleum characterisation;
  • Excellent capabilities in understanding and modelling of the interactions of complex geo-processes inhydrocarbon exploration;
  • Expert skills to tackle advanced needs of numerical simulation and geo-process understanding;
  • Practical knowledge in geodata management and visualisation;
  • Expertise in the integration of individual dynamic geologic processes into a fundamental understanding of exploration risk;
  • Comprehensive expert skills to enhance own performance as explorationists or production engineers.